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Woodcliff Lake PFA Executive Board



  Adriana Maniscalco, Co-President

  Jamie Weinstein, Co-President

  Jodi Tesser, EVP

  Sabrina Abramson, Secretary

  Wendy Schwartz, Treasurer

  Jen Margolis, Ways & Means

  Tallie Jarden Mueller, Ways & Means

  Elyse Burrows, Ways & Means

  Gretchen Melman, Cultural Arts - DES

  Liz Sagat, Cultural Arts - DES

  Lisa Friend, Cultural Arts - WCMS

  Cristen Giblin, Cultural Arts - WCMS

  Jennifer Charnow, Parent Academy

  Jill Berkowitz, Food Service

  Samara Rothchild, Food Service

  Sabreena Karim, Enrichments

  Maria Svecak, Enrichments

  Michele Schackner, Hospitality

  Nicole Marsh, Hospitality

  Jennifer Abramowitz, Philanthropy

  Francesca Ippolito, Philanthropy

  Lindsay Crawford, Communications - Historian

  Brigitte Franklin, Communications - website

  Nicole Paikin, Communications - administration

  Nancy Cucchiara, Head Class Parent

  Stacy Deyong, Past President

  Lee Ann Schwartz, Trustee

  Amy York, Trustee
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