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Don’t be the last to know about school closings, delays or early dismissals!


Once the district determines a course of action, the PFA is notified and will record a courtesy call that will go out to all WCL families in the schools’ phone system.  Here's what you need to know:


The district’s decision to dismiss early or delay or close is a carefully considered one that factors the ost up to date news and weather reports.  Accordingly, the decision to delay or close school is often made early in the morning on a school day or the night before based on the information available.


Our district uses a two-hour delay model. On these days buses will arrive two hours later than the usual time and school will begin at 10:00am. All morning practices (chorus, band, etc.) will be canceled, as will the morning session of pre-k.  Afternoon pre-school, after-school programs and After the Bell will run on a regular schedule.

On days when we have a 12:30 dismissal, the morning pre-k session will run on a regular schedule. Afternoon pre-k will be canceled and there will be no lunch served in school.

When the system calls you, DO NOT HANG UP if you hear dead air. The automated system MUST recognize a human voice or voicemail in order to engage. Otherwise, nothing will happen. You may have to say hello more than once to activate the recording. Once the system recognizes a connection, there will be a brief delay before the message begins.


The phone system makes four attempts to contact you. If you don’t acknowledge the system with a verbal response (as above), it will keep calling and you will have the same dead-air issue.


If you have opted out of the PFA’s phone system in the past, you will not be reinstated unless you specifically ask us to do so (see below for instructions).

Opting out of the phone calls, however, does not affect other forms of communication from the district. You will continue to receive those messages unless you opt-out separately and individually.

 Unless you specify otherwise, the PFA will use each family’s home phone number to for the emergency call list.  Please see below for instructions on how to make changes.  If you are new to our district and /or you have not opted out of the system previously, your family will automatically be added to the call list. 

Please email if you would like to:

  • Change the phone number we call (if it differs from your home phone number and you not already reached out to the school this year to update it)
  • Remove a phone number from the system.
  • Reinstate your (formerly opted-out) phone number

In your email, please be sure to include: Your first and last name, your child(ren)’s names and grade(s), and the phone number through which you’d like to receive emergency calls. Excepting special circumstances, we can only accommodate one contact per family.

NOTE: Changes will only be made to the emergency phone system, not the district’s files or the family directory.